We offers PHP development and PHP solutions for the web. Our experience in PHP is particularly wide and has seen 1minus1 produce work for many different kinds of applications. These include online stores, low cost Content Management solutions and even managing entire PHP websites and their servers for large clients turning over tens of thousands of pounds a day.

There are a number of factors that make PHP a good option for web companies.

Firstly, it is free, and open source meaning the cost of implementation is likely to be less expensive than a project implementation in .NET or Java. Secondly, there are a lot of PHP developers available, and if for any reason you need to replace your PHP developers, moving to a new individual or web company will not be a problem. All your code will be on your web server, and you do not have the issue of compiled DLL's in the way that you do with a framework such as .NET.

However, one important factor in PHP development is that companies need to ensure a quality implementation of PHP in their website or web application. To get the best out of PHP, developers need to ensure that the code they write is well structured, scalable and robust. Ensuring quality of project implementations is an extremely important factor at 1minus1 - all our code is quality tested and benchmarked prior to release. We have delivered multiple successful PHP projects and can demonstrate a proven track record of success.

Our work with PHP has been carried out in a number of different industries. It covers PHP development for bands (we created a PHP Content Management System for Nizlopi who had a number one single in the UK with the JCB Song), manage PHP websites for large clients like the Daily Mail Group and also create numerous small bespoke solutions for small web clients including IT consultancies, Data Management experts and online shopping carts and stores.