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Samannvay was an technical festival at L.D. College of Engineering. We have developed a website for them to make the registration process for the events easier and online. It provides admin panel to add and edit events, view registrations, download registrations data.

Shanti Business School

Shanti Business School At SBS, celebrating change is a way of life. We offer an evolving curriculum that matches the rapidly changing recruiting norms of the industry. What makes SBS different from other business schools? Our curriculum connects interests and coursework. The flexibility of our curriculum allows participants to tailor their education to their particular interests in the international arena and encourages them to explore those interests from new perspectives. SBS allows you to regularly interact with diverse disciplines that shape the leader in youProject link.

Sound Box FX

Sound Box FX

Sound Box FX is ultimate sound effects library. Tap the on-screen pads to play drum kits, a piano, acoustic guitar or sound effect soundboards. Over 100 sounds included. Supports multitouch input so you can trigger multiple sounds simultaneously.Universal app, Designed for both iPhone and iPad

BeatMaster - Amitech


Sunridge mission is to make green power affordable to every one in India and to protect the environment. We come across every day in news paper about the disastrous effects of global warming, no front page of any national; or international news paper is without the news of global warming how can we survive? Project link

Superior Informatics

HomeSTAT gives a scientifically accurate picture of both risks and rewards of home ownership. It is the only software giving user for the next five years a range of Housing price, Rental income, Home equity, Profit/loss, Property return (%), Monthly cash flow. HomeSTAT’s user friendly features enable user to compare property returns with bank rates. Graphs help you decide if the lender’s rate is feasible for user. Project link.


Surgistar has been manufacturing single-use Ophthalmic, ENT, Surgical and Dental cutting instruments for nearly twenty years. This is an online e-Commerce portal which allows to browse products and details and to add to cart. And it allows online buying using online shopping cart system and checkout systems and accepts payments online using payment gateway.